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Selecting the right martial art depends on your objective. All of the arts involve blocking, striking, punching and kicking. Even if you are interested in Aiki Jutsu or Iai Jutsu, learning Karate first or concurrently will enable you to master the basic empty-hand fighting. Karate is a prerequisite for Kobudo, but Aiki Jutsu and Iai Jutsu can be studied as separate arts. The table below gives you some idea of what art may be most suitable for some of your objectives:

Training Objective Examples: Suggested Tatsu Do Martial Arts
Self Defense Karate, Aiki Jutsu
Strenuous exercise, "getting into shape" Karate, Aiki Jutsu
Defense against weapons (club, knife, gun, chain, using "weapons at hand", etc.) Karate, Aiki Jutsu
Learn throws. locks, arm bars, take-downs Aiki Jutsu, many basic moves taught as a part of Tatsu Do Karate training
Japanese Sword, sword cutting, tameshigiri Iai Jutsu, also suggest Aiki Jutsu (traditional samurai training included both)

All TATSU DO schools offer the Karate training. See the Tatsu Do Schools page for additional details.
Please contact or visit one of our schools and discover how rewarding martial arts training in a TATSU DO school can be.

Quote from Soke Cavalier:
"The hardest thing about Karate is to walk through the Dojo door for the first time"

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