Tatsu Do Martial Arts
Soke Cavalier and his Junior Students
Tatsu Do Kanji
TATSU DO HOMBU offers training in all Tatsu Do Martial arts, from begginner to master-rank black belts classes. We also have a special curicullum for young children, ages 4 & up. Please see the Class Schedule below and feel free to call or stop by anytime during class hours. Private Lessons are also available upon request.

We highly encourage for you to come and observe our classes before you begin. Often many questions get answered by simply watching the class. Contact us to arrange visit...

Soke William R. Cavalier Master Shannon Dale Master Lynne Cavalier
Soke William R. Cavalier, Jr. Master Shannon Dale
Founder, 10th Dan
Karate, AikiJutsu,
Kobudo, Iai Jutsu
5th Dan Karate, Kobudo 4th Dan Karate, Kobudo
2nd Dan Aiki Jutsu
3rd Dan Iai Jutsu
Shihan Theodore Parker Master Larry Huffman Sensei Keegan Dale
Master Larry Huffman Sensei Keegan Dale
8th Degree, Karate, Kobudo
4th Degree Aiki Jutsu
2nd Degree Iai Jutsu
4th Dan Karate, Kobudo
3rd Dan Aiki Jutsu
2nd Dan Iai Jutsu
2nd Degree, Karate