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What You Should Know First
There are many different styles of martial arts and many different schools. It is very difficult to gather enough good information to choose correctly. Once you get started in one school, it is difficult to transfer to another without losing your time investment. Different styles have different forms and may require you to start again at white belt if you transfer. Furthermore, some schools demand you pay up-front for a year or more and sign a contract. These you probably want to avoid right from the start. So, it is very important to choose well.

Here are some ideas to consider before you join a martial arts school:
  • Visit the school and observe a class
  • More formal conduct generally indicates good school. Students are addressed with respect and by last names only, Mr., Miss, etc. The teachers are always addressed Sensei, Master, Shihan, etc.
  • Students should be supervised and mostly working in groups. No one should be just standing around doing nothing.
  • Students should bow before addressing the Sensei and show polite behavior and good discipline toward one another.
  • Class should include a formal beginning, warm-up and strengthening exercises, kata (forms), self defense instruction and free style sparring. No facial contact or kicks below the belt should be allowed.
  • Ask the head instructor how long he/she has been studying, what rank he/she is and who his/her instructor is. Anyone running a school should be at least rank of Nidan or 2nd Degree Black Belt. Many schools today are run by women instructors and THAT DOES NOT MEAN the training is any different! When it comes to martial arts, it makes no difference.
  • Ask about the cost of training and how it is paid. Ask about any additional costs / fees later. Most schools charge fees for ranking, special seminars and there may be additional cost for sparring gear, as an example.

TATSU DO schools are run in a very traditional manner. Our instructors have been studying for many years and believe in disciplined and mutually respectful atmosphere. We do not believe in long-term contracts and strive to offer martial instruction at reasonable prices. Please visit one of our schools and discover how rewarding martial arts training in a TATSU DO school can be.

Quote from Soke Cavalier:
"The hardest thing about Karate is to walk through the Dojo door for the first time"

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